The Management
The Management

AD's management comprises a team who have been successful in the FMCG and pharmaceutical businesses in Vietnam for more than 15 years. We possess:


1. An in-depth understanding of Vietnam's FMCG & pharmaceutical markets
2. Strong leadership with a clear vision but open minded enough to enable changes and improvements whenever necessary
3. International management style, proactive and highly committed
4. New concepts, ideas and global knowledge and technologies
5. International education and training, English-based communication and interfaces
6. Strong team spirit and great respect for our people


Mr. Truong Quoc Chi – President and CEO

Following graduation from the Technical University of Budapest, Mr. Truong Quoc Chi began his career importing pharmaceutical products from Hungary, Poland, Germany, Greece, Spain and the United States into Vietnam.


Over the last 20 years he has been the leading force behind several success stories, among them Plusssz  - taking it from its initial entry level in the Vietnamese market to becoming the number one vitamin brand in the country. In the best year of this success story, the turn-over of Plusssz reached over USD12 million per year.


Also under his sales and marketing leadership, the Enfa milk powder franchise of Mead Johnson Nutritionals (known as Enfamil, a Bristol Myers Squibb product, in the US) has grown by an average 60% annually. Enfa milk (Enfamama, Enfalac, Enfapro, Enfagrow, Enfakid) is now distributed nationwide by AD and consistently maintains a spot in the top three foreign milk powder brands in Vietnam.


Mr. Nguyen Van Hai – Deputy General Manager

Mr. Hai obtained his MBA from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in 1995. With 15 years working with multi-national FMCG corporations, he joined AD from its start as Chief Operating Officer, in charge of all daily operations of the company nationwide.


Mr. Hai has developed and cascaded the company’s strategy/mission to thelower-ranking staff, implementing appropriate rewards/recognition and coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with the company goals. He is responsible to ensure that distribution and logistic operations are in the right balance of effectiveness & efficiency.


Mr. Hai has been involved in establishing and upgrading the company’s systems and policies as well as development of the company’s new businesses.


Mr. Phan Van Tuan – Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Tuan joined AD as Chief Financial Officer from early 2006. With his MBA in Finance (2006) and more-than-10-year experience in chief accounting, he has proved himself as a professional in financial and fiscal management of the company operations. He’s involved in risk & data analysis and financial budget & plan. He joined set up the standard operating procedures (SOP) and policies to ensure all revenues, inventories, promotions and expenditures being accurately recorded, reported, audited and properly controllable by computerized systems.


Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thuan – Commercial Manager

Mr. Thuan obtained his BA in Finance from The Economic University of Ho Chi Minh City and has almost 10 years working in different sales positions with multi-national FMCG corporations.

He’s joined AD as Commercial Manager, in charge of the supply chain, order-to-cash process and customer service operations nationwide. He is also involved in the set up and upgrade of all distribution systems and policies as well as business development.

Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong – Human Resource Manager

Ms. Phuong graduated from Van Lang University – Department of Tourism Management   in 1999. She has five years working experience in Import & Export Department of the CJ Global Company. She has also been highly appreciated for seven years in Human Resource by her responsibility, efforts, attitude, brilliant achievement.

She joined AD as Human Resource Manager, in charge of all personnel issues for nearly 1,500 employees of the company across the country. Her position involves the processes of recruitment, guideline & regulation, employee supervision & evaluation, training, payroll & rewarding, insurance and welfare programs, employee relations & terminations.

Mr. David Bellman – Strategic Advisor

Mr. David Bellman is a Canadian with over 12 years of marketing and management experience in Vietnam. For AD, David brings his insights on strategic planning in the food products sector and actively supports AD in maintaining world-class operational standards.