Food Laws

Government regulations require all food products that are imported into Vietnam to be registered and checked against food hygiene and safety standards by an authorized organization in Vietnam.

In order to register for the check, importers must submit a full set of documents including export documents (commercial contract, bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, tax invoice, certificate of free sale, certificate of analysis), registration form and other documents as required (please refer to Decree No. 163/2004/ND-CP dated 07 Sep 2004 by the Government for complete details).

In addition, all imported goods must follow Vietnamese regulations on labelling, language requirements and packaging.


All consumer goods that are imported or produced for sale in the Vietnamese marketplace must bear labels which include: the name of the goods; and where applicable, the name and address of manufacturers, assembly establishments and traders responsible for the goods; the number code and bar code; the quality registration number, composition, production date, expiry date and preservation duration, net weight of foods and drained weight if applicable, ingredients list (in descending order of weight), the storage and use instructions (if applicable) and country of origin of the goods (please refer to Decision No. 89/2006/ND-CP dated September 30, 2006 by Ministry of Trade for complete details).

Nutritional Labelling: Nutritional labelling is mandatory if nutritional claims are made. The nutrition panel must include energy value (kJ and kcal), protein (g), carbohydrates (g) such as sugars except for dietary fibre and fat (g) and quantity of other nutritional ingredients claimed on the label. Claims which cannot be proven or clarified and health claims are not permitted.

Additives:  Additives must be declared on the list of ingredients, with the appropriate class name followed by the additive’s specific name and international code number.


Language requirements

Information on labels of consumer products must be provided in Vietnamese but depending on the requirements of each product, they can also be inscribed in foreign language(s) in a smaller font size. All letters, numerals, images, signs and/or marks on labels must be clear and true to the properties of the goods.